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4. Activity license

Communicating or requesting an activity license is a mandatory act prior to the start of any business activity that needs to be located in a premises, permanent installation or office, through which the local Administration and/or the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya ensures compliance with the established regulations to be able to start a specific activity in a specific location. According to the regulations in force in Barcelona City Council, activities are classified according to the OMAIA into two groups;

  • Activities with environmental impact that require a technical project and initial control carried out by an ECA. Classified activities (annex 3.2)
  • Innocuous activities that are activities or facilities with low environmental impact (annex 3.3). They require communication prior to the start of activity without a technical project. To process the opening permit in Barcelona for activities classified in section 3.3 of the OMAIIA, it is necessary to present the responsible declaration and floor plans with the surfaces of the premises or industrial warehouse.

Basic technical aspects to be met by the establishment

Depending on the activity to be carried out, there are different technical aspects that the establishment or premises must comply with, in a generic way:

  • In all activities of NEW IMPLEMENTATION activities, it is mandatory to comply with the Accessibility Regulations for people with reduced mobility, both with regard to access to the premises from the outside and in the toilets.
  • Passive and active fire protection systems must be complied with to protect people and property.
  • The height of the premises must be at least 2.5 m. In short, establishments and premises in which you want to implement an activity must meet a series of requirements to obtain the Activity or Opening License.

Depending on the use of the activity to be developed, the activities are classified into 8 different categories.

  • Public residential use (hotels, hostels, pensions, student residences, camp houses, campsites, tourist apartments, youth hostels, rural tourism establishments)
  • Commercial use
  • Health and care use
  • Public use (culture, recreational-leisure, restaurants, sports, religious) • Administrative use • Teaching use
  • Use of parking
  • Industrial use

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