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6. Technical Building Inspection - ITE

The Technical Building Inspection is a mandatory inspection that studies and evaluates the general condition of the building and that must be carried out in all multi-family residential buildings. The purpose of the Technical Building Inspection is to establish a system of periodic control of the state of residential buildings to verify their state of conservation and the result is a report on the condition of the building (ITE).


The owners of single-family or multi-family buildings, where there is residential use, are obliged to request the certificate of aptitude, without prejudice to the fact that they may also contain other uses other than residential. All residential buildings that are more than 45 years old  must undergo a technical inspection.

Single-family buildings in which their main building is separated by 1.5 m or more from the public road, public use areas or adjacent properties are exempt.

Deficiency scale:

  • Extremely serious deficiencias are those that, due to their scope and severity, represent an imminent and widespread risk to the stability of the building and the safety of people and property itself, and require immediate intervention (eviction of the building, other urgent and precautionary measures or, where appropriate, the declaration of ruinous state of the building).
  • Serious deficiencies are those that, due to their incidence, represent an imminent risk to the stability or safety of certain elements of the building or serious health problems, which pose a risk to the safety of people or property, and which require the adoption of measures precautionary measures prior to the execution of the works to correct those deficiencies.
  • Important deficiencies are those that, in spite of not representing an imminent risk either for the stability of the building or for the safety of people, affect health and functionality, and require corrective intervention that cannot be relegated to maintenance work.
  • Inconsequential deficiencies are those that make it necessary to carry out preventive and/or corrective maintenance work to avoid its aggravation or the appearance of new injuries.

In the case of serious or very serious deficiencies, the technician must immediately communicate to both the property and the City Council the situation of imminent risk and, where appropriate, the proposal for precautionary and urgent security measures to adopt prior to the execution of the works. This communication does not require the consent of the property. Indicate in the report whether precautionary measures related to security have been executed.

Owners´ obligations

Once the technical inspection report has been received, the ownership of the residential property must:

Submit the report directly or through an authorized representative to the Housing Agency or to the local administrations that have assumed the authority to issue certificates.

Immediately and urgently execute the adoption of the precautionary measures indicated in the report in the event that they have not been previously executed.

Approve a rehabilitation program within 1 year when there are deficiencies in the building. When these are serious or very serious, the period will be 6 months. This program requires the supervision of technicians with qualifying qualifications. Establish a reserve fund to meet the expenses arising from the execution of the works foreseen in the program. Release, at the request of the administrations, the documentation of the preparation and presentation of the ITE, as well as the rehabilitation program for its compliance.

The technical inspection report of the building (IITE) together with the request for issuance of the satisfactory  certificate must be submitted to the Housing Agency of Catalonia or the local administrations that have decided to issue certificates of fitness.

Satisfactory Certificate Validity

  • Satisfactory without deficiencies or minor deficiencies: 10 years
  • Temporarily satisfactory with significant deficiencies: 6 years, subject to a technical review every 2 years.
  • Precautionarily satisfactory with serious or very serious deficiencies: 3 years, conditional on a review when the technician indicates the report or at least every 12 months.

• Resolution denying a satisfactory result: another request for a certificate must be submitted plus a new IITE that certifies precautionary measures executed or the execution of the works.

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